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All Colon Therapists at Aqualibria are Professionally Qualified

The Aqualibria concept was developed and created by Miss Velile Ndebele, a deeply committed individual whose passion for health and life fullfillment is only second to the determination to share the gift of vibrancy and energy with the world. Her honest care for the individual and attention to the small distinctions that truly lead to different results translated into Aqualibria, UK’s first and premier colon-hydrotherapy clinic.

Miss Velile Ndebele is clinical director and she leads the Aqualibria team.

Colon Hydrotherapy MediSpa - Velile Ndebele Clinical Director |AqualibriaVelile Ndebele has been working in the health, public and private sector for over 15 years. She gained her nursing qualification followed by a BSc in Economics with Finance. Prior to setting up Aqualibria, Velile was working at strategic management level within the private and public sector, her latest achievement being in the NHS where she co-ordinated palliative care projects across the North-East London hospital network.

Following an intense period of personal development, Velile underwent a personal transformation and decided to pursue practical knowledge in natural and complementary medicine to restore the body’s natural balance. During her travels to the Pacific Ocean, Velile underwent a detoxifying cleanse that encompassed mind-body-spirit, and left feeling totally rejuvenated with much of the merit due to colon hydrotherapy.

Natural detoxing and cleansing also started reversing an eye condition that she had for over ten years, as she had previously been diagnosed to be blind by the age of 30; as well as severe hayfever, which disappeared completely. Velile then decided to complement her healthcare background by training and qualifying as a colon hydrotherapist in the United States. Moved by the lack of public knowledge in natural therapies for colon health, combined with the frustration of increasing numbers of cancer fatalities, in particular bowel cancer, she decided to leave the public sector career to set up Aqualibria in July 2005.

Velile now holds the qualification in the profession as Colon Hydrotherapist gained with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapist (I-ACT).

Her passion lies in educating people in taking ownership of their own health and assisting them in resolving toxicity related challenges as well as establishing and maintaining healthier lifestyle habits.

She has her own regular column with a prominent national women magazine which allows her to spread her message of health to more and more people.

Velile also maintains ties with the NHS and she has participated in discussions on bowel cancer prevention issues at board level. Apart from Aqualibria, Velile has been working as a colon hydrotherapist as part of a carefully selected team at the international Life Mastery programme by world renowned Anthony Robbins.

She is now 36, her eyesight is the clearest it has ever been within the last 10 years and she enjoys a healthy lifestyle, scuba diving and is passionate about exploring the world.

Velile actively supports the activities of the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK. Want to find out more? Click here.