Colonic Irrigation Autumn 2022 Detox

This October 2022 we are reintroducing our popular Autumn cleanse programme. Days are days are getting shorter and colder, so it is important to prepare for the winter season ahead. You may want to consider our tailor packaged colonic irrigation programme specifically designed for autumn season and yet flexible around your own needs.

The Autumn Detox Colonic Irrigation Special

Consists of the following:

Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Consultation
Personalised Detox Cleanse Juice Plan
4 or 6 Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation) treatments tailored to your needs and objectives

The programme can be either 4 or 6 (or more in some cases) colonic irrigation treatments depending on specific needs and objectives.

The Programme includes all the pre- and post- support of the regular New Clients Protocol (click here), plus a Personalized Detox Cleanse Juice Plan tailored to your needs and objectives to accompany your course of colon hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation) treatments. You can follow the juice plan as strictly or loosely as you practically can – details will be discussed at the consultation stage.

Prices as follows:
Autumn Detox w/ 4 Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments: £375 all inclusive;
Autumn Detox w/ 6 Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments: £545 all inclusive.

These are bespoke programmes, for some broad guidance click on the following pages, depending on the category of your needs and objectives:

How to Book the Colonic Irrigation Autumn Detox Programme:

Please mention you are interested in the Autumn Detox at the time of booking your first visit. We recommend you book an appointment for the initial Consultation and first colonic irrigation treatment, and then discuss the details and schedule the remaining of the programme in person with the Clinical Director and the Therapist. it is difficult to provide detailed advice over the telephone without you having completed the medical questionnaire and having gone through the initial consultation.