Transitioning from Winter to Spring (Part 1)

Spring has arrived, and with it comes a change in our bodies. The longer, warmer days and bright sunshine have a direct impact on mental and physical health. The change in our bodies isn’t just a mental one; the arrival of spring has a direct correlation with the body’s physical health and well-being.

The Aqualibria guide on how to get that spring into your step emphasizes certain aspects for rebalancing, rejuvenating and reenergising, but all the suggestions for improving your well-being can be applied to everybody!

Physical Changes in the Spring


Vitamin D deficiency is common during the winter, as Vitaming D is produced, in part, by exposure to natural sunlight. During the winter, people get very little exposure to natural sunlight, due to the cold weather necessitating long coats and more time indoors. Vitamin D deficiency can cause bone-thinning disease, as well as a susceptibility to chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, cancer, multiple sclerosis, memory loss, autoimmune diseases, and many more.

The arrival of spring signals a return to warmer weather and increased sun exposure, which can reduce Vitamin D deficiency and all of the health risks that go along with it. In addition to the body’s changes related to Vitamin D, the Chinese believe that various bodily organs are related to and function better during certain seasons. Spring is associated with the liver. As the liver is the organ that is responsible for removing toxins from the body, spring is a time when the body becomes more efficient at toxins’ elimination. By helping the liver and removing toxins from our bodies and diets, we can enhance the bodily ‘spring cleaning’ thus preparing us for improved health.

Mental Changes in the Spring


In addition to the physical changes, spring also brings along mental changes. Serotonin is responsible, in part, for those mental changes. A decrease in the amount of serotonin in the body, caused by lack of exposure to sunlight, can lead to symptoms of depression. Symptoms of serotonin deficiency include loss of energy, decrease in exercise habits, increased sleeping, and craving starchy and sugary foods.

When we start being exposed to sunlight in the spring, these symptoms decrease and may even reverse. You might find yourself with more energy, and find it easier to follow exercise programmes. Finally, your food cravings will likely change. With the mental changes associated with spring, it’s a great time to change your lifestyle.



To facilitate the transition from winter to spring, it’s time to look at a change in diet. As the new season arrives, you’ll naturally begin craving healthier food, including fruits and vegetables, instead of the winter cravings for starchy, heavy food.

Rebalance your body by changing your diet this spring. Foods that will help balance your body during the transition from winter to spring include:

· Whole grains
· Broccoli
· Green Beans
· Zucchini
· Leafy Greens
· Carrots
· Sea Weeds
· Alfalfa Sprouts

While fruits and vegetables are a healthy supplement to any diet, you should maintain a ratio of eating more vegetables than fruits. Fruits are higher in carbohydrates than vegetables, and should be eaten in the morning so that your body can burn the sugar during the day. Vegetables are a good choice at lunch time and during the evening.

As you switch to a diet rich in greens and healthy vegetables, you should decrease your intake of food that adds toxins to the body. To reduce toxicity and help your liver function more efficiently, drastically reduce or eliminate the following foods from your diet:

· Caffeine
· Alcohol
· Red Meat
· Eggs
· Whole Milk Products

To help your body prepare for spring, you might consider a cleanse. A cleanse can help remove some of the toxins that have built in your body all winter, and make it easier for you to assume a healthier diet this spring that can provide your body with nutrients and help keep it free of toxins.


The liver is the organ that is most closely associated with spring, and it’s the organ that is related to removing toxins from the body. Colon hydrotherapy helps in aiding this process, making it possible for your liver to function more efficiently.

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Aqualibria Tip!

Hydration is key to eliminating toxins in the spring. Consider drinking a mixture of three parts mineral water and one part organic apple juice or carrot juice. The nutrients in the juice make it easier for your body to absorb and process the water, thus hydrating your body more efficiently.



Skin care changes during the transition from winter to spring. During the winter, the air is dry and you typically need to hydrate and use a richer moisturizer. With spring’s arrival, the air is warmer and has more humidity, which changes your skin care needs. Rejuvenate your skin by cleansing your whole body through a course of colonics.

· Adjust your moisturizer.
With the increase in humidity during the spring, you should switch to a lighter moisturizer. You don’t need the heavy moisturizers from winter, as a lighter moisturizer can help avoid break outs. Use a moisturizer that isn’t oil based, as the spring increases your body’s production of natural oils. A moisturizer with a higher SPF rating can help protect you from dangerous UV rays as you spend more time in the sun.

· Exfoliate.
Dry skin is inevitable during the winter, so as spring returns, it’s time to exfoliate. Use a good exfoliant in the shower to remove dry skin build up. Avoid using strong exfoliants on the face, as they can damage skin and cause breakouts.

· Diet and Skin Care Unite.
Your diet is directly related to your skin’s health. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your body, and they’re also good for your skin. Leafy greens and antioxidant-rich fruits and berries can help you rejuvenate your skin and help you maintain good skin throughout the season.


Colon hydrotherapy can help prevent skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, sallow complexion, and acne. Colonics removes toxins from your body, which could otherwise build and cause chronic skin conditions. Combine a course of colonic hydrotherapy with good diet and a proper skincare regimen to rejuvenate your skin.

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Aqualibria Tip!

Spring means warmer temperatures, more exercise, and more sweating. Sweating can lead to breakouts. Use a diligent skin care regimen to avoid acne breakouts. Beware of skin care products that contain harsh chemicals, as they can actually damage your skin. Instead, focus on natural remedies, such as using steam rooms or hot showers to open your pores and prevent acne.



The spring is a time for naturally improved energy levels. As we transition from winter to spring, you’ll find your energy levels rising, and may find it easier to maintain a workout programme. Utilize this increase in your natural energy levels to reenergise your body through an invigorating combination mind and body workout.

A mind and body workout combines cardiovascular exercise with relaxing flexibility training, such as yoga or tai chi. Start by running or hiking, preferably outdoors. After 30 minutes of hiking or running, stop and practice a 10 or 15 minute yoga or tai chi sequence. This will help to relax your mind and improve strength and flexibility. When your sequence is complete, hike or run back to your starting point, or for another 30 minutes, to complete your workout.

This combination workout not only helps you build your body’s strength and energy levels, but rebalance and reenergise your mind. By stopping for a relaxing yoga or tai chi sequence, you maximise the cardiovascular benefits of the cardio exercise and enjoy the relaxing and calming yoga or tai chi sequence, leaving your body full of energy and well-being.


Colon hydrotherapy improves your metabolism, and produces a surge in energy levels. Capitalise on spring by combining a spring diet, mind/body exercise programme and colonics to produce a significant change in your energy levels, and prepare you for the warmer season ahead!

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Aqualibria Tip!

Make sure to hydrate sufficiently during exercise so that you don’t deplete necessary moisture from your body. Your body needs hydration to function effectively, and if you don’t hydrate sufficiently during exercise, you can easily experience negative side effects from dehydration.


Spring is a time of natural rejuvenation, but you can help your body eliminate the winter toxins and move into spring with renewed energy. Utilize an effective spring diet, rejuvenating exercise techniques and proper spring skin care to maintain your body throughout this transition from winter to spring. With the right care, your body can become healthier during this new season, and you can eliminate chronic illness and low energy levels – just by taking better care of yourself during the spring transition!

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