Press Enquiries

Interviews with Aqualibria Directors

Velile Ndebele is extremely happy to do press interviews, as in this way, she can help to promote both colon hydrotherapy and cleansing as a very effective form of treatment to many ailments, which has many professional practitioners, with a great sense of duty of care towards their clients.

Velile also writes a regular advice column for Black Hair, a national women magazine, which gives her the chance to address issues faced by so many people and to educate more people into taking care of their health.

Press, Radio and Television Enquiries

We present the following guidelines to prospective interviewers:

  • The interviewer shall accept that Miss Ndebele NEVER releases any confidential information about any of Aqualibria clients.
  • If a telephone interview is requested, Miss Ndebele may ask that a suitable time be arranged, so as not to interfere with the care of current clients.
  • If a Aqualibria review is requested, we may ask that the visit is booked in advance for a suitable appointment time as the centre is very busy at present. We will do our best to accomodate your often tight press deadlines.

Press enquiries will be directed straight to the director’s office for a better response time. Please use the following contact details:

Telephone: 0800 612 9481