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in this collection of short videos, Dr Mitra Ray introduces herself and explains what Transform30 is about:

Who is Dr Mitra Ray and what is Transform 30 – 1min18sec

Welcome to T30, Dr Mitra Ray explains who she is and how she came about deciding to create Transform30, after losing her father to her second heart attack.

Diet can really make a huge different and in 30 days you can jumpstart a new set of habits and a healthier lifestyle.

The Current Trends in our Diet and Environment – 2min17sec

In this section, Dr Mitra Ray explains that whether you are healthy or not, you are affected by 2 trends:
1) decline in quality and nutrient density of our foods, and
2) increase in toxicity in our planet (air pollution, pesticides used in food, endocryne disruptors (from plastic containers), heavy metals in the air, food additives and medical drugs, tap water not being all that clean.

Daily combination of all these sources play havoc on our body and we are not normally informed how to deal with all this.

Why The Liver Needs to Detox – 1min20sec

The liver is the brain of digestive system and one of its jobs is to clean the blood.

Dr Ray explains how toxins go from fat soluble to water solubles and hold onto fat molecules to protect vital organs from toxic exposure.
There are a lot of co-factors however who are responsible for these reactions, unforunately when they are not present in our diet, the liver cannot function properly.

This is primarily due to lack of fruits and vegetables.

Dieting vs Cleansing – 2min23sec

As Dr Mitra Ray explained in the previous video, fat is stored as a protective mechanism and when we diet, we lose the fat but when we stop, the fat that was temporarily lost is gained back, the body needs the fat to protect the organs from toxic exposure. Our body keeps us always at perfect weight for self-protection.

What we need to do first is to help the liver by eating more fruit and vegetables and of different colours. But how often can we realistically do that?
When we cleanse, the toxins can be removed and the fat shed very easily even without too much exercise.
The key is helping the liver to detoxify.

The different types of cleanses and what makes Transform30 unique – 2min

Cleanses have been going on for a very long time: water fasting, juice fasting, you name it. A lot of them make us weak and unable to function however.

Transform30 allows us to cleanse and it is not only possible but encouraged to exercise during the programme because we are absorbing the nutrients that we need.

Transform 30 is a cleanse and tissue regenration all at once.

So what do we do in Transform30? – 1min24sec

In this section, Dr Mitra Ray explains how we take the shakes and the capsules every day. This provides us with 2 healthy meals who makes us full, saves money, and we get more willpower.

Second, instead of worrying about vitamins, capsules give us real fruit and vegetables (which is where vitamins come from in the first place!).

Sugar levels and Willpower – 2min29sec

In this section, Dr Mitra Ray explains that willpower is a function of blood sugar.

When we have low blood sugar like first thing in the morning, we do not have much willpower.

The Complete shakes ensure that we have a balanced blood sugar level, this makes it so much easier to avoid bad habits due to the low glycemic load, and we are more apt to combat stress. Either before workout, or after, also for weakest food moment of the day.

The Best Sources of Protein – 3min6sec

Here Dr Mitra Ray dispells the myth of proteins and explains that plant-based proteins are the best sources of protein.

Dairy protein like whey and casein are inflammatory to the gut.

Juice Plus the most researched product on the planet – 1min6sec

Dr Mitra Ray explains that you can be sure about the safety and the quality of Juice Plus because Juice Plus products have been clinically proven to be effective to slow down the disease process and ageing.

Over 31 peer reviewed clinical studies have been performed on Juice Plus products.

What else you do in Transform30 – 1min

Shakes and Capsules will give you all the right nutrition and stabilise your sugar levels so you will have willpower to follow these recommendations:
1- Drink Water,
2- Exercise,
3- Give up GLuten,
4- Give up Dairy,
5- Reduce stress,
6- Sleep,

Transform30 Success Stories

These are real life testimonials of people who followed the Transform30 protocol and achieved some great results.