Autumn – Season for cleansing


It is the end of September, colder weather is coming and it is time to look at what to do to prime our bodies before the cold weather sets in.

Late summer and autumn are, contrary to popular belief, the best season for cleansing. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body’s energy system follows a seasonal pattern, so that there are seasons when it is best to nourish it and seasons when it is best to detoxify it. The coming months are those associated to the colon and the skin. It is the ideal time to flush the toxins out in preparation for the winter months, during which our body needs all the energy it can find to fight the cold weather and the gloomy days.

Aqualibria’s Advice for Autumn

1. Start eating pulses (peas, beans and lentils) in the form of soups or salads to build your strength in preparation for the winter.

2. A balanced diet now will avoid cravings later on when the weather starts getting cold.

3. Engage in some forms of exercise to get the endorphins going and to keep the lymphatic system moving.

4. Remember: If you have been traveling to warm exotic countries this summer, your intestine may be harboring parasites even if you feel perfectly normal!

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Yacon: natural prebiotic and much more


We want to bring to the attention of our readers this little known plant from South America with excellent properties.

Yacon is rich in Inulin which is a slow release sugar: it helps balance sugar levels and because of its low calories it is excellent for weight control.

Most importantly for us, it is a potent natural prebiotic, in that it strengthens the good intestinal flora therefore helping toxin elimination as well as helping restore regular bowel movements.

Yacon is becoming more and more available in health food stores in the form of dried slices or syrup.

October’s fruit and veg

Finally, eating in season is healthier. Here is a list of October’s fruit and veg for those who enjoy eating in season:

– Apple
– Beetroot
– Broccoli
– Cabbage
– Carrot
– Cauliflower
– Celery
– Garlic
– Iceberg Lettuce
– Onion
– Pepper
– Potato

If you want to discuss further how you can help your body get primed for autumn, contact us today !

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