Detox in London

Rebalance, rejuvenate and reenergise your mind and body with Aqualibria’s detox programme with colon hydrotherapy. At Aqualibria we have a revolutionary detox system that rids your body of toxins and intestinal debris such as mucous plaque. But what exactly does it mean to detoxify your body? Let’s explore the term and how you can detox your body.

What is Detoxification?

There are all kinds of forms of detox – alcohol, drug, metabolic and colon detox, which is what we do at Aqualibria. Detox, short for detoxification, is the process of removing toxic substances from a living organism, in the case of colon detox, toxic substances are removed from the large intestine, also known as the gut or the colon.

When someone has consumed too many bad substances, the body is unable to eliminate toxins adequately and that’s when organ failure happens. That’s why it’s so important to detox your body regularly – to get rid of toxins that could harm your body and even cause chronic illnesses.

How Often Should One Detox?

It is suggested that people do a whole body detox at least once a year, however, the more frequently you do a body detox, the healthier you will be. At Aqualibria we provide a detailed detox schedule according to your current healthy condition. It is important that you consult a specialist, such as one of our therapists at Aqualibria, before embarking on any sort of detox programme so you can be aware of the risks involved.

While detox is generally safe and highly beneficial for overall health, it is important to remember that people in certain conditions and with certain illnesses, such as cancer or tuberculosis, should refrain themselves from doing a detox programme unless specified by a healthcare professional. It is recommended that children, women nursing and people with other health conditions do not take part of a detox programme.