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Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic – The Aqualibria Concept

The Aqualibria Concept was created by Miss Velile Ndebele and Mr Daniele Poggio.
They created the concept for a clinic focussed exclusively on colon hydrotherapy and digestive health and founded Aqualibria in 2005 and have been running it since.
Aqualibria has since offered its colonic irrigation treatments to over 19,000 patients.

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Miss Velile Ndebele – Clinical Director RGN BSc I-ACT Ins
• Mr Daniele Poggio – Operation Director BSc (Hons)

Watch Daniele explain the Aqualibria concept in the following video:

Transcription from the YouTube video

“My name is Daniele Poggio, I’m one of the Directors and Co-Founder of Aqualibria Medispa. We opened our doors to our first customers back in August 2005 in Harley Street in central London. We created Aqualibria to respond to a gap in the market for a clinic that was focused exclusively on digestive and colon health. We wanted to have something where people could come and share safely and
confidentially about their gut health and whatever challenges they may be going through. Sadly, not only in the UK, but everywhere in the Western world, the subject is still very much taboo and people do not realize how common these problems are – because there is a lot of embarrassment around talking about them. We also wanted to have a medical focus to it: we do not consider colon hydrotherapy a beauty treatment, it is a complementary medicine treatment, that needs to be performed within the context of a bigger overall health objectives of
the individual. And therefore one of the components when we created the Aqualibria concept was that the other Director and Co-Founder Miss Velile Ndebele is a medical nurse, and she would lead the team of therapists with the experience of dealing with these issues from a medical perspective.”

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