Press & Media Reviews of Colon Hydrotherapy at Aqualibria

On this page you will find a few Press and Media features about Aqualibria and Colon Hydrotherapy. PS: All reviews are unpaid and completely unbiased.

GMTV (ITV) -Colon Hydrotherapy for Weight Loss – Drop a Dress Size Challenge
Watch Clare Young on GMTV as she investigates weight loss at Aqualibria:

The Guardian “Promotional videos from colonics clinics are certainly strangely compelling.” (Mention)

Huffington Post “I entrusted myself to the lovely Vel at Aqualibra who was amazing at assailing my fears and making me feel comfortable” – Katy Harrington (Review)

Cheap Chic Obessions “I immediately stopped feeling bloated – This is something I constantly struggle with as I’ve got quite a sensitive stomach.” – Natalia Ambrosia, Actress (Review)

The Russell Brand Show
This is a long podcats – Skip to minute 33 to hear Russell experience at Aqualibria (this is a funny review and should be taken lightly)


MSN Health and Wellbeing “My energy levels had dramatically risen and I felt clean and pure and at one with everything” – Ross Chainey (Review)


Press reviews include both female and male magazines and reflect the diversity of clients we attract.

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Mayfair Times Jan 2012

Mayfair Times – Jan 2012

Financial Times Nov 07

Financial Times D “How to Spend It” – November 2007

BlackHair June/July 2007

BlackHair June/July 2007

Exclusive London!

Exclusive London! March 2007

Red December 2006

Red December 2006


Fabric September 2006

Attitude June 2006

Attitude July 2006

MSN Health March 2006

Good Life Spring 2006

Good Life Spring 2006


We are regularly contacted by local and national press, radio and television for review of our colon hydrotherapy clinic, and for advice and guidance on many aspects of detoxing and cleansing using among other treatments, colon hydrotherapy.

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All press features to date:

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