Why Choose Aqualibria Colon Hydrotherapy MediSpa

Choosing to have colon hydrotherapy can be stressful especially because there is so much apprehension about the treatment.

But, once you have decided to go ahead, how do you choose where to go? How do you find the right place for you?

Here are 10 reasons why we believe you will make the right choice in choosing Aqualibria for a colon hydrotherapy treatment:

1) We are focussed on digestive health: we come from a health background and understand that you are coming for the treatments for a reason, and we want to help you with the challenge you are going through or the objective you have, not just provide you with a treatment; we have helped thousands of people (in fact more than 5000 since 2005) by focussing exclusively on digestive health;

2) We prepare for your visit in advance: Prior to your visit, we ask you to complete a medical questionnaire online detailing your complete medical history, your diet, your lifestyle. Clinical director Vel Ndebele with her team has time allocated specifically to go through your questionnaire and prepare for your appointment so that when you come in, she already knows about you, your history, what you want to accomplish – we believe we are the only ones who put so much preparation in;

3) We have a 30-minute consultation before your treatment: So we can further assess and understand your specific needs, then tailor the treatment accordingly – this is to ensure you get maximum benefit from the treatments;

4) Depending on the kind of detox you are trying to do, we can prepare a personalised plan for you to follow tailored to your needs/preferences as well as other tips to maximize your detoxification by making small better choices in your diet, lifestyle or stress management;

5) We are members of both I-ACT the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy and GPACT the Global Professional Association for Colon Hydrotherapists: our clinical director is qualified at Instructor Level with both, this is the highest qualification attainable;

6) We have a Virtual Tour right here on the website where you can see the ambiance and the care we put into the setup of the clinic: no need to wonder what to expect when you arrive, you can inspect our premises straight away and put your concerns at rest.

7) Hygiene is of paramount importance to us and we have a dedicated hygiene assistant to take care of the sanitisation and preparation of the rooms after each and every treatment: everything we use for the treatment is single-use disposable;

8) Our online reviews are real and from genuine people: we may have fewer reviews than some other centres but rest assured that they are all real – we always ask our clients for reviews but let’s be honest not many people want to advertise to the entire world that they had colon hydrotherapy, it is just one of those things…;

9) You can visit us in the evening after work: we understand you may not be able to take time off work so we are open till 9pm Monday through to Thursday to allow you to come for treatment after work;

10) You can come and have treatment at the weekend: likewise, we understand you may prefer to come for treatment at the weekend, we are open both Saturdays and Sundays from 9am till 6pm.

Specific Questions?

We understand there are no two people alike and we are all different. We try and be as informative as possible on our website, but the information we provide is inevitably of a general nature.

You may be in a specific situation and may have some question about your condition that you may wish to have answered before you book an appointment.

Call Us on 0800 612 9481

We will gladly help you in establishing whether colon hydrotherapy may be suited to your specific needs. A member of our team will help navigate through your questions on a free telephone consultation to make sure we do not leave any stone unturned and we provide you with absolute clarity over your situation.