Colonic Irrigation Clinic in London

If you are looking for a reliable colonic irrigation clinic in London, Aqualibria is the right place for you. Our colonic irrigation clinic is conveniently located in Central London with Oxford Circus and Bond Street being the closest tube stations to the clinic.

Aqualibria Colonic Irrigation Clinic in London

At Aqualibria we work with our best interest at heart for your health. Unlike other colonic irrigation clinics in London, Aqualibria shows that care and interest for your health by providing a reliable and comfortable service. We are among the best colonic irrigation clinics in London thanks to our professional staff, our excellent service and our genuine care for every patient’s wellbeing.

When you visit Aqualibria colonic irrigation clinic, you can be sure that your visit will be pleasant and very professional. All of our equipment is kept sanitised with the highest hygiene standards in a highly sterile environment. Our tubing systems are disposable and used only once – a necessary step for all clinics to take. If you have attended another colonic irrigation clinic in London before, ask about the tubing system, if it’s not disposable, it’s not sanitary.

The water used for the cleansing is filtered twice before being used for any treatment and is adjusted to the exact temperature needed to ensure that all toxins attached to the walls of the colon are removed.

Aqualibria is a member of the I-ACT, the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy, which is the largest and oldest colon hydrotherapy organisation in the world. All of our therapists at the Aqualibria colonic irrigation clinic are highly trained and qualified to give colon hydrotherapy sessions as well as to make patients comfortable during their colonic irrigation sessions.

Rebalance, rejuvenate and reenergise with Aqualibria’s colonic irrigation clinic sessions for a better state of body and mind. Achieve overall health while you improve your looks and mood at Aqualibria, colonic irrigation clinic.