Prices & Opening Times

At Aqualibria, we take a more medical approach than most other clinics and centres. All our new clients need a 1.5 hour appointment for the first visit. This page explains in details the process of what happens from the moment an appointment is booked and hopefully makes it clear why we believe we are innovative and unique.

New Clients Appointment 90 minutes! – £130 £95

(Mention discount code “HappyGut” for discount)

Included in the first appointment is:
online medical questionnaire: more
health & lifestyle consultation (½hr – normally £35 – complimentary with discount code): more
colon hydrotherapy treatment (1hr): more
post-treatment nutritional support: more
dietary advice: more
lifetime after-care phone and email support from your dedicated therapist:more


Follow-up appointments are conveniently priced at £95 for the single treatment, plus we have course prices – Find out more about our courses here!

Here is an explanation in details of each of the points above and why we believe we offer you a better service:

1) Online Medical Questionnaire

We are the only centre to get in advance of your appointment a full medical questionnaire that you complete online in your own time. This is very important for the following reasons:

a) We check in advance if you have any contraindication, that is anything that would deem you unsuitable for the treatment – if this is the case we call you and save you time that would otherwise be wasted travelling to our clinic;

b) Apart from checking for contraindications, the medical questionnaire is a very comprehensive collection of information about your medical history, your diet and your lifestyle: we want to understand why you are seeking the treatment, what bothers you or what you are trying to achieve: we are not just giving you a treatment, we want to understand how we can best help you to achieve your objectives: as soon as we receive the questionnaire, we check all the information and begin to paint a picture of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish – by asking all the general questions upfront, we can dig deeper into your specific situation once you come to Aqualibria for your appointment.

2) Health and Lifestyle Consultation

Most centres and therapists incorporate some form of consultation time in the first visit: please make sure you do your research and check that this is a real consultation and not just completing paperwork (which at Aqualibria, you have already done prior to your visit online). When you get to Aqualibria for your appointment, our team have already examined your questionnaire and there is no further paperwork to fill in, so the 30 minutes consultation is about understanding your condition and your needs at a deeper level, so that we can help you best achieve your objectives.

3) Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

We allocate 1 hour for the treatment which lasts typically around 45 minutes. Click here to read more about the specifics of the treatment, our equipment and our ambience.

4) Post Treatment Nutritional Support & Dietary Advice

As soon as you finish your treatment, we will offer you an electrolite formula drink and we will do a review of your session and you will leave Aqualibria with a personalised dietary and lifestyle plan to help you achieve your objectives. If needed, we have some products available for you to purchase to help you rebalance your gut flora or to further enhance the detoxification process.

5) Lifetime After-care phone and email support from your dedicated therapist

It is important to point out here that we are exclusively dedicated to colon hydrotherapy and that we have a team of fully employed, full time professionals. This means that at any time you can email us or call us and asked to speak to your dedicated therapist. We are always here to help you with any question that you may have. We may be busy with other clients right at the time of your call, but we will call you back at our earliest convenience to help with whatever is going on.

Specific Questions?

We understand there are no two people alike and we are all different. We try and be as informative as possible on our website, but the information we provide is inevitably of a general nature.

You may be in a specific situation and may have some question about your condition that you may wish to have answered before you book an appointment.

Call Us on 0800 612 9481

We will gladly help you in establishing whether colon hydrotherapy may be suited to your specific needs. A member of our team will help navigate through your questions on a free telephone consultation to make sure we do not leave any stone unturned and we provide you with absolute clarity over your situation.