Aqualibria Colon Hydrotherapy MediSpa Virtual Tour

Some visitors are curious about what our premises look like, whether it is curiosity about the equipment we use, whether they want to make sure that we are hygienic and safe, or simply to have a general snoop around.

We want our perspective clients to feel safe and relaxed about booking an appointment: having apprehension about what a place is going to be like is not in our list of things we want you to worry about.

So we decide to partner with Google Business Photos and bring you a virtual tour of our Harley Street premises. Have a look around our consultation room, reception, the treatment rooms; the image below is interactive, just use the arrows to “walk” around our Harley Street practice!

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Now that you have seen what Aqualibria looks like, are you wondering who you are going to meet there? Head over to Our Team page to learn more about the people behind Aqualibria.

Specific Questions?

We understand there are no two people alike and we are all different. We try and be as informative as possible on our website, but the information we provide is inevitably of a general nature.

You may be in a specific situation and may have some question about your condition that you may wish to have answered before you book an appointment.

Call Us on 020 3411 9714

We will gladly help you in establishing whether colon hydrotherapy may be suited to your specific needs. A member of our team will help navigate through your questions on a free telephone consultation to make sure we do not leave any stone unturned and we provide you with absolute clarity over your situation.