Colon Hydrotherapy London

Colon Hydrotherapy in London by Aqualibria

At Aqualibria, we believe that true beauty, total well-being and vibrant health comes from deep within.

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Colon Hydrotherapy in London

Our ultramodern facility is located at the prestigious No.1 Harley Street on the site of the former Florence Nightingale Hospital within the heart of London’s medical district.

Aqualibria brings a totally new and fresh approach to the ancient practice of colon hydrotherapy. We merge this natural approach to cleansing and detoxifying with the most advanced technology and the best possible advice, in an environment which is truly unique.

Aqualibria is the only centre of its kind in the UK. We work alongside traditional and complementary health practitioners, sport coaches and fitness trainers who understand that by detoxifying the body using a course of colon hydrotherapy, other complementary therapies tend to have much better efficacy.  We devise the best cleansing programme depending on the needs of the individual.

Understanding how precious and rare relaxation time is, Aqualibria’s serene and tranquil ambiance was specifically created to ensure our clients rebalancerejuvenate and reenergise in the utmost privacy and total comfort.

Colon Hydrotherapy for Improved Health

A proper combination of nutrition, exercise and colon hydrotherapy can help the body maintain and restore its natural healthy balance allowing us to enjoy a far greater degree of vitality and energy than in most cases we could possibly imagine.

There is no greater gift to give yourself than the time to take care of your own well being, in order to rebalancerejuvenate and reenergise your mind, body and emotions.