Velile Ndebele

Clinical Director RGN BSc I-ACT

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Miss Velile Ndebele RGN BSc(Hons) I-ACT has been working in Healthcare in both NHS public and private sector since 1994, working for major NHS public hospitals as well as respected private healthcare companies like BUPA. She is Founder and Clinical Director of Aqualibria since its inception in 2005. Responsible for healthcare strategic vision, business design and implementation. Day-to-day management of centre and Lead Therapist – Instructor for new Recruits. She has overseen over 19,000 colon hydrotherapy treatments to date.

She has been a columnist for various publications on the importance of digestive health and appeared in several interviews on TV and the Press. See our Media section on our website for more details.

Academic Achievements

She studied First Level General Nursing between 1991-1994 at the Royal London Hospital at Barts Health NHS Trust in what was then known as Princess Alexandra College of Nursing and Midwifery. She became a Registered General Nurse.
She then went on to further study Biological Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Surrey, Guilford between 1995-1996.
She then further went to complete a BSc (Hons) Economics with Financial Services at London Guildhall University 1996-1999.
In 2005 she became a Qualified Colon Hydrotherapist with I-ACT the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists and in 2008 she became qualified at Instructor Level.

Professional Achievements

March 1994 – April 2001, Barts and The London NHS Trust
• September 1999 – April 2001: Training Officer/Peripatetic Assessor
• January 1998 – August 1999: Bookings/ Recruitment Nurse Manager
• January 1997 – January 1998: Junior Ward Manager, Medical Unit,
• March 1995 – January 1997: Senior Staff Nurse, Non-Invasive Respiratory Medical Unit
• March 1994 – March 1995: Associate Junior Nurse, Trauma and Orthopaedic Unit

April 2001 – April 2002
Back Care Advisor, Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust, London UK
Responsible for raising the profile of the newly set up service through undertaking Risk Assessments of each department in consultation with departmental leaders as well as delivering the solution and implementation process.

Accomplishments included:
• Developed and provided training courses to all staff within a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings.
• Set up a network of Back Care representatives throughout the Trust and providing them with support.
• Report preparation including purchasing plans / strategy in consultation with the finance department.

April 2002 – May 2003
Project / Branch Manager, BUPA Nursing, London UK
Responsible for managing the branch operations and developing business according to the organisation’s targets and objectives.

Main duties:
• Recruiting and provision of healthcare professional to hospitals in London under the branch’s geographical area of responsibility.
• Delivering growth through heavy expansion of customer base, system implementation and service integration.

Accomplishments included:
• Won London-wide multi-million-pound project for the supply of healthcare professionals to contracted hospitals and healthcare institutions.
• Achieved revenue growth of 200% and became the top-performing within the London branches.
• Forged strategic partnership with another major recruitment company for integrated recruitment and supply.
• Became the branch’s first registered manager in accordance with new legislation (National Care Standards).

May 2003 – January 2004
Turnaround Manager, Bridgeside Lodge, London UK
Full managerial and clinical responsibilities for the operation of the Home.

Main duties:
• Providing professional and managerial leadership to a 50-strong team of nursing, care and ancillary staff.
• Auditing, monitoring and evaluating of the quality management systems as required by the organisation.

Accomplishments included:
• Achieved accreditation for ISOQUAR standards as well as exceeded benchmark set by the National Care Standards through regular supervision, support and training of a designated team of staff.
• Developed and maintained excellent relationships with local Health Authorities, other agencies and the community at large.

February 2004 – December 2004
Business Development Manager, Chase Care Services, London UK
Responsible for business planning and development; management of business activity; setting of performance targets; financial reporting of this fast-growing care provider.

Main duties:
• Business tendering and delivery of service for this high-growth care provider
• Advising the Board of Directors on implementing Company practises that constantly exceed the requirements of National Care Standards.
• Developing plans, directing service changes and reconfiguring processes.
• Revising and producing policies and procedures so that service provision maximises customer satisfaction.
• Managing a team of twenty recruitment consultants.

Accomplishments include:
• Generated and maintained an on-going business growth of 15% per month.
• Reduced service users’ complaints by 80%.
• Developed and implemented staff training programmes, in line with legislation requirements.
• Led the company into strategic memberships with official recruitment bodies.

January 2005 – July 2005
Palliative Care Project Manager, North East London Cancer Network London UK
Responsible for providing managerial support to the NEL Palliative Care Network as well as supporting implementation of the Strategy for Improving Palliative Care in North East London including elements of the NICE Guidance in Supportive and Palliative Care. Supporting implementation of the End of Life Care Initiative in NEL led by the NEL Strategic Health Authority.

Main duties:
• Facilitating communication between all stakeholders of palliative care as well as promoting a positive atmosphere for change.
• Providing appropriate support to palliative care projects (such as Macmillan funded projects and Strategic Health Authority led initiatives) ensuring equitable service development throughout the network that is linked with the wider health community.
• Managing the Specialist Palliative Care Investment Monies as well as returning regular monitoring reports to the Cancer Network Board, Strategic Health Authority and National Partnership Group.
• Preparing and disseminating regular reports regarding developments in palliative care in NEL.

Accomplishments include:
• Preparing the palliative care section of the NEL Cancer Network for Peer Review, successfully.
• Acquiring palliative care education funding for all district nursing personnel within North East London.

August 2005 – present
Owner, Clinical Director & Therapist, Aqualibria Ltd, Harley Street, London, UK
Founder and director of Aqualibria, a unique concept detox medispa, focusing exclusively on colon-hydrotherapy. Responsible for healthcare strategic vision, business design and implementation. Day-to-day management of centre and Lead Therapist.

Main duties;
• Concept development.
• Market research / feasibility study
• Offering model development
• Launched service, operations set-up
• Day-to-day management of the Harley Street centre
• Lead Therapist delivering majority of consultations and therapies to clients;

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