Colonic Irrigation Benefits

There are many reported benefits of colonic irrigation (colon hydrotherapy).

For our section on colonic irrigation benefits, we are reporting the salient points from the 3 main categories of individuals who visit Aqualibria.

Of course we could highlight the number of satisfied clients, the results we have produced for the thousands of clients that have come to Aqualibria, but you can read this yourself on our clients testimonials page.

This section is divided according to the 3 main categories of people who can individuals from colon hydrotherapy.

Colonic Irrigation Benefits – Rebalance

Individuals suffering from constipation, bloating, can benefit greatly from symptoms relief provided by colon hydrotherapy.


Numerous PudMed published research has highlighted numerous benefits for patients suffering from Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. See below for full list of articles.

Likewise, individuals suffering from toxicity of the bowels and other internal organs can get symptom relief provided via cleansing of the colon.

It has also been demonstrated (see Yoko-Uchiyama study) that colonic irrigation does not negatively influence serum electrolites or intestinal microbiota.

The nature of the colon hydrotherapy treatment provides a workout for the colon muscles aiding the normalisation of peristalsis (scientific name for the action of the muscles of the colon)- when peristalsis is reactivated, an atonic colon (a colon whose muscles have lost tone) will tone up once again thereby providing more normal elimination functions.

Colonic Irrigation Benefits – Rejuvenate

For individuals wishing to embark on a detox programme, colon hydrotherapy and a revised diet are a great combination for any detoxification protocol. Whatever the detox programme you choose and whatever the reason (weight loss, skin improvement, , colon hydrotherapy can assist in clearing toxins out of the body as quickly as possible. We can offer our own personalised juicing programme to follow alongside a course of colon hydrotherapy for those individuals willing to commit to this type of programme.

Colonic Irrigation Benefits – Reenergise

Colon hydrotherapy can assist in reenergising the body where a high stress lifestyle (sport performance, busy career, theatre stage) requires the individual to perform consistently at his/her peak. Stress often manifests in some conditions in the Rebalance category anyway, so high stress individuals may be constipated or bloated as a result.

A combination of colon hydrotherapy, diet realignment and appropriate exercise programme, can assist in improving metabolism and improve energy levels and mental clarity, and reduce stress levels associated with the lifestyle.

More on Colonic Irrigation Benefits

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