Colon Hydrotherapy and its clinical applications (part 5)

By Donald J. Mantell, M.D. (Professional Member AANC)

Other Benefits of Colon hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy also functions as an important diagnostic tool for the physician in extracting useful information concerning digestive and clinical disorders:
A. It is an excellent screening device for colo-rectal cancer.
B. Useful in diagnostic procedures for evaluation of the colon.
C. May prove valuable in the preparation for bowel surgery, providing a more optimal surgical field potentially decreasing the risk of post-operative complications due to the presence of bacteria at the sutureline.
D. Offers the location and relief of fecal impactions,. amount and color of mucous and the presence of increased amounts of gas.
E. Provides detection for parasites.
F. Useful for detoxification of drug addicts and alcoholics.
The entire colon could be cleaned and examined for blood every six months or as directed by the physician or health care professional for early detection of colo-rectal cancer. Benefits from colon hydrotherapy extend to all diagnostic procedures for evaluating the colon including barium enema, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy, facilitating a more accurate study. Patient discomfort resulting from residual barium following the enema could be avoided utilizing colon hydrotherapy. In addition, this technique would eliminate the problem of residual opaque material on subsequent upper GI series, which would result in additional radiation exposure to the patient. Patients undergoing general anesthesia would benefit from colon hydrotherapy as it would dramatically reduce the problems associated with bowel functions following surgery.
Colon hydrotherapy may prove valuable in the preparation bowel surgery, providing a more optimal field potentially decreasing the risk of post-operative complications due to the presence of bacteria at the suture line. This procedure may be applied to all patients undergoing general or spinal anesthesia, as it would minimize the incidence of defecation in the surgical suite, while saving valuable surgical time.
Colon hydrotherapy would also be extremely useful to alcohol and drug detoxification centers as an aid in the internal cleansing process, enhancing the elimination of toxins from the colon and circulatory system.

Colon Hydrotherapy Contraindications

The contraindications of colon hydrotherapy include diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Chrone’s’ disease (in the acute inflammatory stages), severe hemorrhoids, or a tumor in the rectum or a tumor in the large intestine.

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