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Our Unique Online Medical Questionnaire

At Aqualibria we know your time is precious, so we have developed a system that makes life easy for everyone. Once you have made your appointment we will email you a link to our online health questionnaire.
This simple form will take less than 10 minutes to fill in. Once complete, click submit, follow the instructions on your email to prepare for your treatment, and start looking forward to the day of your appointment.


The Aqualibria Team prepares in advance for your appointment

Your complete questionnaire will give us all the information we need to make your visit to the clinic as stress free and relaxing as possible. Our clinical director will personally review your goals, objectives, and challenges alongside our therapists to ensure your visit is focused on your specific needs.
Here at Aqualibria we use a more medical orientated approach. This is not a beauty treatment after all. Sometimes we do have to turn clients away, because it is not a procedure that is suitable for everyone.


Day of Your Appointment 1 – Your Personal Consultation

Because all the groundwork has been done in advance, on the day of your appointment we can welcome you to the clinic, and whisk you straight into your personal consultation. Here you will be taken through every step of your procedure, and we will answer any questions you may have. We will focus on your specific needs.
This is where Aqualibria differs from many other centres. We come from a healthcare background, not beauty therapy. So we understand the need to educate our clients on the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, and how it is relevant to their individual situation.


Day of Your Appointment 2 – Your Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

Once your consultation is complete, it is time for the treatment. You can be sure your colon hydrotherapy session will be both gentle, and relaxing. Because our treatment rooms are dedicated exclusively to colon hydrotherapy, we have made every effort to ensure that you receive your treatment in the best of comforts.
During therapy we will use personal electronic massagers to help increase the effectiveness and comfort of the procedure, heat pads and further manual massage to really get the maximum benefit out of the treatment, all while preserving your modesty and keeping your dignity intact. The water temperature is controlled by your therapist, and is varied throughout the procedure to promote even more effectiveness.
Everything that happens is carefully noted, so that your progress is monitored and recorded on our system for future reference.
Hygiene is of paramount importance to both Aqualibria and our clients, so the treatment areas are kept clinically clean by a dedicated hygiene assistant. Plus we only use disposal gowns and nozzles for every treatment.
You will complete your treatment feeling rebalanced, rejuvenated, reenergized.

Our Colon Hydrotherapy treatments include:
– heat pads
– personal electronic massagers
– manual massage
– variation in water temperature
– aromatherapy oils
State of the art triple filtration water purification system
Disposable gowns and nozzles
Dedicated hygiene assistant


After your Treatment – Follow-Up Plan

After the treatment you will be given an energizing electrolyte drink, we will also provide you with a follow up nutritional lifestyle plan to adhere to at home. And we will recommend other beneficial products to help support you in achieving your goals.
We like for our clients to feel safe and comfortable, leaving the centre with clarity and confidence, knowing that we are doing the very best we can to help them.We always monitor the clients’ progress, and we are always available to ensure that they are fulfilling their objectives.


Cost for all the above: £160


1) Access to our unique online medical questionnaire that you can complete in your own time (no time wasted on the day of your appointment)

2) Advanced preparation by the Aqualibria team to ensure your appointment is going to work for your specific needs

3) 30 minute consultation before your treatment to put you at ease and answer any questions you may have

4) 60 minutes colon hydrotherapy treatment tailored to your needs accordingly with heatpads, manual and electronic massage, aromatherapy oils, and more

5) Post treatment aftercare: an electrolite drink after your treatment, plus a homecare plan for you to follow at home

6) Lifetime support via telephone and email by your dedicated therapist.

What Our Clients Say:
“I visited Aqualibria because I have for many years suffered from IBS, bloated stomach and general tiredness. […] the chat I had with Velile on the phone when I was trying to book an appointment was very friendly and reassuring […] The visit itself was reassuring and very enjoyable. […] I would recommend anyone to pay a visit (in fact I already have) and cannot praise enough the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy and Aqualibria.”– Catherine
“I’m writing to thank you for an exceptionally caring and attentive service. […] Never before have I been given a blanket of any description (let alone a beautifully soft pastel blue one!) to add to my comfort, or peppermint oil to inhale when I felt nauseous (as I often have during colonics) […]. All were small touches that, to me, communicated your deep passion and commitment to your clients’ health and well-being.”– Jen
In the Press

“My therapist was fantastic”

“My energy levels had dramatically risen and I felt clean and pure and at one with everything”
MSN Health

“Amazing at assailing my fears and making me feel comfortable”
Huffington Post

“Velile appears to be so relaxed and calm that the Dalai Lama would look hectic next to her”
Financial Times

Recognised by I-ACT and GPACT


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