To be healthy and vibrant means to enjoy life to the fullest. Never before now has the need to be able to perform in peak condition been felt across all areas; from the workplace to the sporting arena, to simply being able to juggle all of our daily tasks at the speed that modern daily existence demands…

Busy executives who have to perform at high levels of efficiency consistently find colon hydrotherapy to be extremely beneficial as it allows the body to rid itself of toxins and the acidity accumulated during prolonged periods of physical and mental demand.

People who practice regular sport especially athletes, as well as stage performers who need to perform in optimum condition, find colon hydrotherapy extremely beneficial because of its natural and effective way of detoxifying the body without any side effects and without interference with supplementation products. In fact, the absorption and synthesis of certain vitamins (namely vitamin K and the B family), minerals, essential fatty acids and water soluble nutrients, which takes place in the colon, is greatly increased when the colon walls are clean of debris and mucoid matter is removed.


Apart from the general benefits of keeping the environment clean with colon-hydrotherapy, our clients in this category generally experience one or more of these benefits:

  • Improved metabolism and absorption
  • A surge in energy levels
  • Improved range of motion
  • An automatic improvement in posture
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • A reduction in stress levels

Bespoke Treatment Programmes

At Aqualibria, we recommend a bespoke treatment programme for every client, as every person is unique and in a different state of health. Hence, the duration and frequency of this programme is entirely based on the individual needs and objectives of each client. (One session very rarely accomplishes the desired result). The duration and frequency of sessions will also be affected by the individual response to the treatment and will be reviewed during the course.

The following programmes give an indication of a typical course of treatments depending on the overall objective:

  • Sport Performance:
    • Prior to beginning a period of intensive training: a detox programme is recommended.
    • Immediately after a sports event (within 24 hours): To wash out accumulated toxicity; 1 or 2 sessions back to back.
  • Stage performance: for intensive stage performances, immediately after the event (within 24 hours): To wash out accumulated toxicity; 1 or 2 sessions back to back.
  • High flyer: busy lifestyle, coping with stress, sleeping better: general maintenance programme, ideally preceded by a detox programme.

Whatever your needs are, please contact us directly or ask your health practitioner, personal trainer or coach, to get in touch with us to discuss your case to enable us to devise a bespoke programme which is achievable for you.

Re-energising your way to the top is something you deserve and that you can maintain with a little commitment. Nothing tastes as good as absolute health and an abundance of energy! You can live life to the fullest and really influence and infect those around you with your vibrancy!

“I place incredible demands on my body and I need to be sure my body continues to deliver. Regular cleansing is a crucial part of vibrant health and peak performance. Colon Hydrotherapy plays an essential role in sustaining my internal health and keeping my body in peak condition.” – Anthony Robbins