Ten Wellness Gift Ideas To Buy Before Christmas

From the fitness fanatic to the mindful soul, our curated wellness selection will inspire gifts for everyone on your list.

A gift is wrapped in festive wrapping paper and held out to the reader.

At Aqualibria, we care about health and wellness. Far more than just a state of mind, wellness can encompass everything from meditation and relaxation to sleep and therapy and often covers a lot more in-between. This Christmas, we’ve decided to skip the indulgencies and chocolate and instead bring you a curated list of wellness-inspired gifts for the health-conscious soul in your life.

If your loved one could benefit from a little pampering or has maybe shared their plans for a New Year health kick, then you’ll find just the thing to see them through. We’ve tried to cover a range of categories and motivations, as well as different price points, too, so you’re bound to find at least one person to tick off your list this festive season.


Acupressure Mat Set

A gift set of a black acupressure yoga mat, pillow, and bag.

Yogi Bare

Oliver Bonas


The Yogi Bare Acupressure Mat works by applying pressure to various points of the back and body. It provides a painless environment to unwind and cultivate much-needed endorphins.

A perfect gift for the busy person in your life who would benefit from an escape through self-directed therapy.


Argan Skincare Treatment Candle

A gift box presented in a beautiful bow, and a pourable spouted candle beside.


Not On The High Street


The Argan Skincare Treatment Candle aims to nourish and hydrate the body through a carefully curated blend of oils designed to treat the skin. It comes in three delicious seasonal scents, forbidden spices, orangery orchid, and festive frankincense, orange, and lavender, making it an ideal gift for this time of year.

Perfect for the loved one you know deserves to de-stress and pamper themselves this Christmas.


Vacuum insulated leak-proof drinks bottle 500ml

A beautiful matte green, stainless steel drinks bottle. Good for your health and the environment.


John Lewis


This stainless steel drinks bottle has been making waves for years now. Utilising high-tech double-walled technology, Chilly’s bottles will keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12. Also BPA-free and leak-proof, the drinker won’t need to worry about any degradable toxins or spills while it’s around.

The perfect gift for both the outdoorsy and environmentally conscious soul in your life, this beautiful matte green flask is sure to go down a treat.


Mindfullness Jar

A gift jar full of thoughtful notes and mindfulness exercises for the recipient.

Maison & White



The Maison & White Mindfulness Jar is a delightful treat. With no fewer than 25 daily messages, your recipient will get almost a month’s worth of thoughtful exercises. The regular practice of mindfulness has been known to improve your sense of self, reduce stress, and increase creativity, making this the ideal gift to show a loved one you really care.

An affordable treat for both the novice and experienced practitioner, this Mindfulness Jar would make a delightful stocking filler or secret Santa surprise.


My Daily Self Care Wellness Journal

Give the gift of self-care with this beautiful year-long wellness journal.

Blush and Gold

Not On The High Street


This Daily Self Care Journal covers 365 days over four integrated sections. As the recipient works through, they’ll find dedicated pages for self-care check-ups, identifying barriers, planning their self-care routine, and evaluating their practice. It is an intensive program within the pages of one beautifully presented book, and would no doubt be a gift used time and again by whoever you present it to.

Perfect for almost anyone, gift this journal to somebody close to show them just how much they mean to you.


Dodow Sleep Aid Device

The Dodow, a metronomic light therapy routine.



The Dodow is a very different kind of present, but one we had to find a place for in our list. This is more than just light therapy. It combines projection with guided breathing, contracting in time with what it determines to be the optimal pace for you and visually keeping you on track. Don’t just take our word for it, Dodow has over 5000 dedicated customer reviewers who swear by its unique approach in helping such ailments as stress, insomnia, and interrupted or unrestful sleep.

Gift the Dodow to somebody you love who struggles to unwind and fall asleep. Though one of the more pricey suggestions on our list, the value it provides to its recipients is, in their own words, priceless.


Sleep Well Gift Box

A gift box of sleep relief and relaxation products.




Lingering on the topic of sleep, our next recommendation offers a delightful mix of therapy and relaxation in a convenient letterbox-friendly package. Each item has been lovingly curated to work in harmony with one another and aid in creating tranquil sleep.

Perfect for the loved one far away, this thoughtful assortment can be sent directly to those you may not have time to visit before Christmas.


Luxe Fitness Tracker

A fashionable gold stainless steel, chain-linked fitness tracker by health giant Fitbit.


£129.99 – 179.99

Fitbit has been a household name for quite some time, but with the Luxe they’ve brought us something different. Offering a more feminine and fashion-forward design, the Luxe tailors itself around your style while still keeping health and fitness in focus.

While the whole range is gorgeous, the special edition deserves an honourable mention. It comes with a gold stainless steel link bracelet from the timeless jewellery brand Gorjana, making it an ideal gift for the fashionable lady in your life.


Mindful Living Box

A gift box full of wellness treats, mindful exercises, and relaxing activities.




The Qappy Mindful Living Box is a unique offering of curated treats designed to provide the recipient with a memorable experience. With a focus on ‘being present in the moment,’ Qappy has boxed hours of fun across 6 wellness-inspired activities and has bundled them in with indulgent treats and exclusive access to an extensive digital library of content to help you in your mindfulness journey.

A perfect gift for the loved one who seems to have everything, this selection takes the guessing work out of the equation and offers a one-of-a-kind experience with something for everyone to love.


Colonic Hydrotherapy

A woman smiling against a pink background, holding a gift voucher.

Aqualibria UK


Do you know somebody who has been experiencing some digestive discomfort lately? Or maybe you have a loved one who is very serious about their health? Here at Aqualibria, we specialize in addressing the needs of those with digestive trouble, providing relief for constipation, bloating, IBS, and exhaustion to name but a few. An Aqualibria Gift Voucher is currently only £130 and offers a comprehensive colonic hydrotherapy assessment and treatment to your recipient.

The perfect gift for anybody experiencing any digestive discomfort, or even just someone in need of a boost, a treatment with us could be just the thing your loved one needs this holiday season. Click here to find out more!